Here at MindBloom Psychiatry, we practice an Integrative psychiatry model, which is based on the concept of Neuroplasticity – the capacity of the brain to adapt, and even grow, from adversity. This is possible, and the methods are becoming more and more clear in the world of academia and clinical research. But there is a gap between what we know, and what is often done out in the field. My aim is to bridge that gap, so YOU can benefit from state of the art research. Some of the evidence based practices I employ to do this are:

  • Expert Psychopharmacological management.
  • Gene-testing.
  • Neuro-imaging.
  • Positive Psychology.
  • Cutting-edge Psychotherapy methods such as DBT, CBT, EMDR and Gottmans’ couples therapy.
  • Mindfulness techniques.
  • 10 minute Yoga.
  • Positive, Attachment based Parenting.
  • CBT for Insomnia.

  • Creating an Individualized Diet/Nutrition/Supplement plan.

  • Exercise that works for you – AND your brain! In the spring and summer months.

In the spring and summer months, I walk with my patients at a nearby park in Glastonbury, CT. Come join us!
I am dedicated to helping you not just “manage” your symptoms, but to adapt, grow and even flourish.